Hi im trying to make this trick in openframeworks:

The one of the video is made with puredata, its just an iterated ball, say 10. When each balls is at certain position i send it back , so that gives the impresion that the balls are infinite.

Im trying to do the same in of, but i cannot move each iterated ball individually.

Any idea of how to make that trick?

	aumenta_afuera = aumenta_afuera + 1;  
	for(int i=0; i < 10 ; i++) {  
		aumenta = aumenta + 1;  
		ofSetColor(50, 50, 250);  
		glTranslatef(0,0,50 + aumenta/35 + aumenta_afuera);  
		gluSphere( gluNewQuadric(), 100.f, 50, 50);  
		if(aumenta > 2000){  
		aumenta_afuera = 0;  
		aumenta = 0;  

hi matias,

you should be able to do this using an ofxFboTexture . search around the forums for the ofxFboTexture addon.


  • enable drawing to the fbo texture

  • enable alpha

  • set color 255,255,255,255 (feedback level)

  • draw the fbotexture slightly smaller (or larger) than the screen size

  • draw everything else

  • finish drawing to the fbotexture

  • draw the fbotexture at full size on the screen

the trick is to not clear the fbo between runs, and then draw it back into itself smaller (for zoom back) or larger (for zoom forward).