Zip/Archival library

Hey, is there any progress being made on making a Zip/Archival addon for oF? If not, I will take on the project (I need one anyways for a current project), but I still want to know which library would be the best. Some I have come across:

zlib (raw)
Zipios++ (see sourceforge)


just to point out that poco has a zip library as part of the non - economy download. (we only include economy in OF and not the full poco package). a guide is here

could be interesting…

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I know, I saw the zlib1.dll in data/ when I compiled the 0.06 examples yesterday.

But is there an OOP wrapper for ZIP archive files? The zlib version (1.2.30) I have been looking at contains a GZ wrapper utility, but I want a library that can pick files out of a *.zip, *.gz, *.rar, etc. archive file. Where can I find a library that will let me do this?