ZED Stereo Camera

I just read about the ZED Stereo Camera that runs on Windows and Linux and Jetson TX1 (NVIDA GPU computer)

Has anyone info if this would in anyway be connectable with OF? Somehow pipe video and other data to OF?

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Hi Stephan !
Maybe be too late ^^ but this can help you -> https://github.com/andsynchrony/ofxZED

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We had developed addon ofxKuZed https://github.com/kuflex/ofxKuZed forWindows. It allows to get images, depth map and point cloud from ZED.

Addon is based on ofxZED addon https://github.com/andsynchrony/ofxZED, but has more settings and different code structure (“lazy updating”).

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looks interesting.
what was your experience with the device? easy to use? quality and range of depth image?
do you have a video of your addon in action?


I love this device, because currently it my only solution for outdoors stereo. But, we didn’t use it in a real project yet!
ZED is quite easy to install (for me, it was simpler than for Kinect1, 2, Xtions).
ZED consumes quite much resources (for my laptop, it consumes more than Kinect 2!).
Quality of depth depends on the scene (works poor on low-textured areas) and degrades with distance a much.
Range is 15-20 m.
Ok, we will capture a video of using ZED + addon outdoors!

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Hi, we captured outdoor and indoor tests of ofxKuZed addon.

Outdoor test:

Indoor test:

Each video consist of three parts:

  1. Adjusting depth view range (view_range_mm)
  2. Adjusting depth threshold for masking (threshold_mm)
  3. 3D point cloud view

thanks for the videos.
i guess this only works in windows since that’s what is listed on the stereoloabs website.
or do you see a chance to make this work on OS X?


No, currently it works only for Windows and Linux.