youTube tutorials: openFrameworks superBasics

Hi all, I started making a new series of openFrameworks video tutorials on Youtube -
I’m calling them superBasics. These are mostly aimed at students I work with as supporting materials but also trying to make them super-accessible and geared toward artistic/creative applications rather than being super technical - mostly on finding quick wins and small tips to help and inspire more exploration.
I’m going from basics of drawing and color and so on and then heading toward 3D, sound and physical interactions - with a big underpinning of generative orientated work to glue examples together.

I also created two short series’ of videos introducing programming ideas ‘Programming for Artists: Alternative C++ Tutorials’ where I mostly draw things and make examples with plates and glasses and knives and forks… then introduce simple C++ to turn the drawings into code.



If people don’t mind - i’ll post the ‘openFrameworks superBasics’ videos here each week in case they are useful - feedback - comments/corrections and suggestions all welcome !

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openFrameworks superBasics: 1 getting started in openFrameworks


Hello Dan! Thank you so much for your tutorials and your help on YT. i wasn’t certain how to message you here except by replying to a post, but I responded to you on YT. If you have time to reply, that would be terrific, but I really appreciate all of your help this far, and will continue trying to figure this out. Many many thanks!

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@tracyblack answered you on YT - i’ll make a new thread here on the forum to sort out the issue with sharing your app with friends…

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Here’s superBasics tutorial 2: Drawing shapes to screen
This video walks thru using the project generator and getting going with basic drawing commands.

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This video for SuperBasics 3 walks thru some of the basics of setting up and controlling window styles and sizes to run your openFrameworks application. Setting window titles, default windows and running full screen.

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Here’s superBasics 4: Using colour in oF in RGB and HSB. The video walks thru setting and controlling colour in your openFrameworks applications. Foreground drawing, setting backgrounds and also making colour using RGB ( (Red, Green and Blue) and HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness) colour models.

I just uploaded the next video tutorial in the superBasics creative coding series: doing more strange drawing things with colour. This new video walks thru more advanced work with controlling colour in your openFrameworks applications. Setting transparency making controllable palettes in HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness) colour model and exploring some routines to make generative colour field works. We also look at using the ofMap() function to map an input value from one range into an output value in another range - superhelpful in our example to help us map screen positions into colour value scales.

First post for me here! Thanks for putting these together @danb, I’ve had a few false-starts with openFrameworks over the years but now I’m up and running.

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@dansimco welcome to oF ! and thanks for the feedback - really happy they are helping - more posted every tuesday on - oF is awesome and the community of smart and friendly people building, maintaining, contributing and supporting it is what helped me get started using oF. let me know if there are videos that you want to see…

Drawing lines and complex line objects:
This video investigates simple and complex line drawing objects and gets a little funky bringing randomness in to make simple generative line drawings. We look at basic line drawing command and at the more complicated ofPolyline object that lets us draw and manipulate complicated lines easily.

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I just uploaded ep7 in the #openFrameworks superBasics creative coding tutorial series -
This video digs deeper into complex drawing objects and looks at extra things we can do with our lines. We look more at the ofPolyline object and see the different kind of lines we can make with it and the kinds of data we can find out about our lines.

I Just uploaded the next #openFrameworks superBasics video tutorial - I walk thru how to hack the project templates in oF so you can make your own custom versions with comments, attribution and your own starter functions and commands .

I just uploaded the next video in the #openFrameworks superBasics series - I walk thru how to save out image files of your awesome code art, make unique filenames (and also use switch statements for all your new key commands)

I just uploaded the next video in the #openFrameworks superBasics series. I look at a super simple example from @zach investigating generative animations using sine waves and colour.

the next video in the series is up - having a look at using ofTransform to make complex animation easily