Your Submitted Apps

Did anyone submitted some apps (developed with OpenFrameworks) to the Apple Store? How did you do it? Did you have any problems?

just submit the normal way. there are no OF specific problems

Hi Zach. My purpose was to open mainly a “gallery” of succesfully submitted apps. Would you like to link us to yours? Anybody else submitted some OF based apps?

I think there are a bunch of them, but I will throw my hat into the ring:

here’s mine:

oh, my mistake :slight_smile:

sure, here are the four that I’ve submitted

Sonic Wire Sculptor:

Bit Pilot:

I’ve almost finished mine. I did a bunch of research whilst building it and collated this into a Vimeo Channel:

I think you’ll find that most of these were built with openFrameworks.


my first app just gone in app store

& many thanks to the smart bastards who built OF


Mine has just been submitted. Read about it here:…-iphone-app

Thanks to all you OF guys for developing ofxiPhone. I certainly wasn’t going to learn Obj-C so this wouldn’t have happened without your hard work.

Great to see some other Apps using OpenFrameworks!

CRAZY stars is a free iPad App that also uses oF. Check it out here: