YoloOSC: Yolo live object identification to OSC

YoloOSC icon

Howdy all,

I am happy to announce a little tool I’ve been using for experimentation with object recognition, YoloOSC:

It’s modeled after FaceOSC and sends detected objects over OSC as well as the camera image over Spyhon on macOS. I didn’t add a settings GUI, but there are commandline options and config file handling for settings.

YoloOSC screenshot

This project is built upon the ofxTensorFlow2 yolov4 example originally provided by @Jona and is part of the intelligent.museum project.

The current release version 1.0.0 includes a prebuilt macOS app for arm64, see the releases link on Github.

I have been making experiments over the lats month or so and will post a video compilation soon.