Yiwarra Kuju | One Road - Interactive table


We recently finished work on an interactive table for the National Museum here in Australia.
The table is made up of 10 Multitouch cells was all done with Openframeworks 0.061 on Ubuntu.


The interactive invites visitors to explore the history of the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia through the paintings and stories of the indigenous artists who live in the Country near the route.

Some more images and details on the interactive are here:

Some more information on the exhibition and overall project are here:



Nice work! I like the animals that walk over the pieces–that was a nice touch. What did you use for the displays? Was it rear projected or LCD with optical multi-touch overlay?


The displays are MultiTouch Cells from a company in Finland. They are LCD based with cameras for tracking the touches.

Some more info on them is here:

Quite fantastic! I haven’t seen the multitouch cell used in such a unique configuration before. It’s a really great example use case!