yet another kinect addon for OF on windows

Hi guys~ maybe there are already several addons for kinect, yet i want to provide another one to see if it’s useful for some people.
it’s based on AlexP’s CL NUI(version: CL-NUI-Platform-, don’t know if it works for the later version). so you need to download the driver from After installation, run CLNUIDeviceTest.exe to see if kinect works correctly.
A simple example is also provided(works with OF0.061,VS2008). with this example, you could get RGB image, pseudo-color depth image, and a Black/white image which is the thresholding result on the depth image.

p.s. seems i cannot upload the attachment, it says"Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." don’t know why. anyway, you can download the addon and the example here

Hey yaya, would love to try this out on Windows but the download link isn’t working.

I get a login page, google translates it as ‘Log on to the blog Garden’.

Would you post another link please?