I have an idea where simply, ripples of color and pattern reverberate from the body. Similar a rock creating a ripple, there is a source from where they start, and an area where the color/pattern birth and start to decay. I have thought of controlling colors,line and the like with a controller. I’m not sure if this is at all possible in OF but I’m excited! Any ideas or suggestions or points into the right direction?

Here is the link to my page about the idea!

I hope you enjoy it and get excited too!


i’d encourage you to learn about computing the distance function image. this is a special image that describes the distance from the current pixel to the nearest white pixel. you might also want to check out the pointinpolygon function from opencv:

Great! I assume you created that image with both of those points to look into? Where can I start my advture into learning about them?

thanks for your reply!


here’s an example using opencv directly

i recommend you start playing with the ofxOpenCv examples and learning about how OpenCv works together with OF. then you can use both of them to get an image like above, and process it until it looks the way you want.