xcode6 don't want build for run any example (how to select the current build target)

Hi there. I have a problem. I’m using Xcode 6 and OFF 0.8.4. Any example project open with some alerts and don’t want compile … don’t active run button. I don’t know what to do

Is this the same issue in your other thread Xcode Alerts on GraphicsExample (deprecation warnings)?

No. It’s another issue. Here image.

and you have any idea about this problem ? i just don’t understand why i can’t run any project or some example projects from default.

Maybe it’s all about Xcode 6 ? because i saw that if no have 10.6 sdk. I can get some problems.

In this image you have the openFrameworks core selected as your target. Drag that menu down to choose the name of your application / project.

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yes ! now everything is okey! thank you so much !

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