Hello. Openframeworks not working on xcode5 ? because i tried to use graphicsexample but when i opened i saw a lot error

Something that worked for me was installing command line tools:

go to Xcode > Preferences > Downloads Tab

There you’ll find an option to install the command line tools.

I’m dealing with this problem too.

I have a Maverick OSX installation (10.9), with Xcode 5, and I can’t compile:
I get the “tr1/memory” error with 0.7.4
and I get an error with ld unexpected quit when compiling something with of 0.8.0.

has somebody make OF work with OSX 10.9 and Xcode 5?

Ok, getting deeper in the analysis I found that the cairo.a library on the .zip I got was corrupted. I replaced it with the one in the 0.7.4 version and it worked fine. I can compile with 10.9 + Xcode5 + of 0.8.0.

Now, did somebody was able to compile with 10.9 + Xcode5 + of 0.7.4 ? ( I still have some code that need to be compiled with that version :frowning: )

After install command line tools.
Again erros i attached to screenshot. what to do ?
I have Xcode5 and MacosX 10.8.5

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/3046/Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.26.52 AM.jpg)

ckirkov, yellow markings are warnings. I always have tons of warning on any OF apps so don’t worry about them :slight_smile:
Instead, try to look at ones with red signs and share those with us. It would be much more informative.

ckirkov, I had these same warnings and errors as your last message when compiling a project on Xcode 5 - look for “Architectures” on your project’s build settings, then make it only “i386” instead of “x86_64” - the support libraries (esp. Poco) compiled in the distribution are only for 32-bit builds, and Xcode tries to build a 64-bit app by default it whines about the files not being for 64-bit builds (hence the warnings) then it stops with errors when it doesn’t find any symbols for some classes. Making the whole project 32-bit only fixes that.

I’m getting “Lexical or Preprocessor Issue ‘tr1/memory’ file not found.” errors no matter what I try. I’m using XCode 5.0.1, command line tools installed on OSX 10.8.5. Anyone have any work arounds? I’ve already manually pasted in the 10.6 SDK into my copy of XCode, which didn’t help.


Hi meeble, I am having same issues . I suppose no one worked this out yet?

For information, as I downloaded xcode 5 (with command line tools), my old version xcode 3 stayed in the computer. I have both versions.
When I launch an old of program (made thru xcode), with clicking on the icon of the appli in the finder (name with extension xcodeproj), it starts automatically the old xcode, which doesn’t built properly this old program. I have something like 60 errors.
But when I start xcode 5, and request from there (file -> open…) to start the same program, all works perfectly…

I got same problem (“Lexical or Preprocessor Issue ‘tr1/memory’ file not found.”).
I use OSX 10.9.1, Xcode 5.0.2 and oF 0.8.0.
When I changed “Deployment Target” to “10.8” from “10.9” in Xcode, I built successfully!