xCode4 Build

hi all,

i just migrated to xCode 4, but now when i build some OF examples, nothing happen.
i.e i can build emptyExample or opencvExample, but not imageSaverExample, when i run the project appears the message “Build Succeeded”, but the program doesn’t start.
i suppose i need to change some Build Setting, but i’m not sure which of them.


You probably need to change your Scheme to your project. I bet it is set to openFrameworks and is just compiling that.

Yep, that’s it. Happened to me too. I’m also starting with XCode 4.

Next to the play and stop buttons you need to set the scheme to the name of your example, otherwise it just compiles the OF library.

ok, now all it’s working ;D
thanks for yours help.


had this problem too! thanks for the help.