XCode Setup with Openframeworks Root Folder Missing

I’m trying to run openframeworks on my machine by following this step by step guide.


I’ve gotten stuck on the “Testing your setup” section. I CANNOT find the open frameworks root folder (OF_ROOT) for the life of me. I have Xcode 12.5 and the command line tools installed. Is this something I can find via the terminal?

The OF Root folder just means the folder where the downloaded folder is the examples are all located in.
eg: for one of the nightly releases:

You can get the nightly builds ( currently recommended over 0.11.2 ) from:

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Thank you for the response Theo. I think I understand the concept of root folders I just can’t tell if it installed correctly or not since I can’t find it anywhere. So if I download this zip it would be the root folder? Is that something I could keep on an external drive? Thank you for helping a noob!

Hi @9iHL that is correct!

If you download that zip, expand it to a folder, you can then put it anywhere on your HD or external drive.
That would then be the root folder for your experiments.

Then you should be able to open the Xcode file for any of the examples.


Or make new projects with the project generator which would make a new project in apps/myApps

Note for the projectGenerator you need to do a weird thing the first time you use it.
First move it to the OF root folder, then back into the projectGenerator/ folder. This is because of Apple’s security which means it can’t access other files.

Moved to root:

And back:

Hope that all helps!
And welcome to the community! :wave:


You’re my hero Theo! Thank you so much! I got it to open and am slowly learning. For some reason or another, I don’t see openframeworks as an option for a scheme. Surely a pebkac error on my part. I’m so excited to learn and create with this! :grinning: