XCode project files for iPhone/iOS are missing in the github repo?


I’m currently trying to setup a workspace on my macbookpro to do some iOS development. The current guide gives some pointers ( http://www.openframeworks.cc/setup/iphone ) but isn’t up to date for use with the source that’s on github.

On my machine I’m running Mac OS X Lion with the latest XCode from the appstore (4.2).

The guide mentions that I need to open the xcode project files in the directory of the (sample) application. I did a complete checkout of the developers tree on github, but apparently the iphone examples dont come with any project files.

For example:


both master and develop tree only contain the bin and src dir.

Since I’m not really familiar with xcode, I’m not sure how to setup a new project to compile the empty example for the iPhone.

What should I do?


in the github version, the project files are not in those folders where you would expect them; they first have to be generated.
Luckily, that isn’t very difficult…
You’ll find instructions in the readme on the openframeworks github repository:

OS X: build and run the _DeployExamples located at: apps/devApps/_DeployExamples/deployExamples.xcodeproj

is still to be automated but will also use the OS X _DeployExamples app

So just look for that xcodeproj, build & run it (cmd-r), and your example projects should be in place now.
If I remember correctly :wink:



Hi Jan,

thank you for your reply!

I’ve tried your suggestion but unfortunately didnt managed to get the framework to compile. I did managed to work my way through some of the warnings and errors:

After checking out the develop branch and opening the project file in Xcode4, I had to do the following:

After that i got stuck with a bunch of errors related to “MediaHandler” (like in this topic: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/how-to-build-a-xcode-project-from-scratch/7529/8)

Not sure how to fix it