XCode -> Visual Studio

Hey all

I’m writing an app in XCode but one of the target platforms will end up being Windows. Some other guys at the office will need to be able to edit the project in Windows using Visual Studio.

I’ve looked around the internet for this and couldn’t find a general purpose converter for porting apps from xcode into visual studio.

what i’m wondering is whether anybody has any experience porting openFrameworks projects from XCode to VS?

i presume that if i just put my cpp’s and h’s over then that should do the trick. but perhaps there’s a more automated method?
perhaps even a way to edit the project in both environments? (wishful thinking)


I had a similar situation, but with Code::Blocks instead of Visual studio. What I ended up doing was setting up the app in XCode first. I had all custom (not the of library) files within the same folder. (main.cpp, testApp.h, etc…) Then I uploaded this folder to an SVN server. On the PC side, I set up an empty of project and downloaded the relevant files from the SVN server into the project’s folder structure, thus replacing the empty main.cpp, testApp, etc… Maybe something like this works?

cheers ph

I regularly convert apps from OSX -> windows or more often windows->OSX.
its not an instantaneous or automatic process, but given a couple of hours, its generally not a big problem.

the main thing is to get a compiled project working on both platforms. from there, updating and modifying code is just a matter of replacing src files and re-compiling whenever there are changes to be made.

Generally getting addons to work properly is a large part of the task. Addons on windows are a little more work to add to a project. I usually go for 3 steps - 1) get an empyexample app, and install all the addons i will need, and try to make that compile. 2) replace the SRC files and try to make them compile. 3) track down weird bugs and glitches that the compiler doesnt throw as errors.