xcode -> codeblocks

Hi all, I need to build one of my existing mac projects for PC. I’ve never touched codeblocks before and I was wondering if anyone has played around with auto-creating a codeblocks project from the xcode project?

I only tried convert VS2005 to codeblocks, I think it’s pretty much same structure. I guess you will compile under PC or? First you need to copy all your extra .h file and lib file to MinGW folder. detail thread here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/how-to-install-and-open-devcpp-projects-in-codeblocks/523/0

What I did was copy one of the example to add/myworks/emptyexample. then replace those exmple testApp.h and testApp.cpp with my own testApp .h and testApp.cpp files. then add your other .h and .cpp file by File->New->File…
Then compile and run. that’s it.