xcode - do i need to enroll on mac developer program ?

As this section is for newbies, this is a really newbie question related to development with xcode. Do I really need to pay for the mac developer program to get my projects running on mac??

need to know before i bash my money to apple (again, i’m on ios program already).


nope - you just need xcode! - the store is a different animal

it seems i can only use ios devices - examples from of are crashing one by one. i was wondering whether this is because my apple id is associated with ios developer program and the examples are not ios based. can’t figure out what’s the problem. i’m using latest Xcode, so tutorials don’t always help. in this case I can’t find a way to just run a program, which is pretty frustrating. I don’t know where to start. any help ?

are you running 10.8? you may have to check the settings in “Security and Privacy” to allow apps to be installed from Anywhere (as opposed to just the Mac App store)

If that is not it post some info from the crash log if you can