Xcode change app icon

I’m trying to change my app icon…

So I see that I can change the path and filenames in the Project.xcconfig, but xcode seems to have migrated away from the icon composer since this was last asked. It doesn’t seem to be recognizing my “AppIcon.appiconset” as an icon - I guess it’s looking for .icns?


Yep, looking for .icns i think. If I remember correctly…

I just put an icon.icns file in app’s bin/data/ folder
Commented out the original path in Project.xcconfig and uncommented 'ICON_FILE_PATH = bin/data/ ’


thanks for confirming!

how did you edit the .icns file once you made it in /bin/data?
or were you able to trick it into seeing the appiconset?

I just used a free app to convert a .jpg to .icns http://www.img2icnsapp.com


nice, thanks!