Xcode builds but does not run the project

Hello there, this is my first post!
I come from “Processing”, hope OF full fills my expectations.

Well, right on business…

I have Xcode installed, download OF, and every single example is correctly build, however it does not run!..Anyone knows an answer for this.

I looked in this forum but I found only 1 previous question with this issue but it had no solutions.

Xcode says that the built is successful but the BIN folder is empty, and the architecture is set to 32-bit.

Hope somebody can help me.

CU around everybody!

can you check the target you are building for the example:


it might be set to build the OF library, you can change it to the project you are trying to compile:


and try running it again. does that help?

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YES! It worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!