XCode asking for admin password when compiling

Hi all,

I’m getting this message when I try to compile in XCode: “xcode developer tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue. Type your password to allow this”.

Then I need to enter my user’s admin password.

This happens once a day, only on the first time I try to compile, after that I’m not prompted to type the password anymore. I’m not sure but I think this started when I updated osx some days ago.

Any ideas how to solve this/why it happens? It’s pretty annoying. Thanks!

Using OS X 10.7.4, XCode 4.1, OF 0.07

can you check if it happens with 0.071 ? I think we’ve changed at least one setting that would fix that. In more recent versions of xcode, it started to, by default, put compiled object code away from the project folder (ie, not in project/obj but in /dev/***, ie, close to xcode). I think we’ve fixed this, but would be good to see if so / not.


Yes, it happens with 0071 as well. :frowning:
Actually I get a second one: " gdb-i386-apple-darwin needs to take control…"

ok – i’ve opened an issue on it here:


we’ll take a look and try to get the build behavior more like xcode 3.