Xcode apple mach-0 Linker (ID) Error

Hello i get like that errors in any project. i saw some topics but didn’t help. anyone know what to do ?

These errors imply Xcode can find openFrameworks, but is having trouble while linking it. This is probably a build setting issue, and it may be that your project is set to build in 64-bit mode. Does the fix explained here help you out?

Otherwise, can you click one of those errors and post the text Xcode shows you in the middle panel?

I don’t have any idea i make build settings to 32 bit but nothing happened.

@ckirkov I’m not really a pro here, but you might want to see if you have the Universal (32/64-bit intell)…option under the same menu. The screen shot above looks as though you’ve selected the 32-bit instead. I’m not sure what the difference is, but it solved my problem. Best of luck.