xcode 4 codesense / autocomplete


I upgraded to Xcode 4 and now with openFrameworks the codesense (or autocomplete, whatever it’s called) doesn’t really work well. it tries to work sometimes, but it definitely isn’t as snappy and intelligent as it was in xcode 3

Has anyone else experienced problems with this?

Seems like there would be more people complaining if it was as bad as I’ve experienced it. i’ve poked around and found some other comments about it, with some solutions, but none that have worked for me.

Some suggested that building a project from scratch may help. Has anyone taken the time to rebuild the projects. did it help?


Hey Jim,

It probably is as bad as you’re experiencing.

To address the problem, I tried upgrading to the latest Clang compiler (per this-post). While that enabled some fun C++0x features, it didn’t help at all with the code completion. In fact, the new features it enabled are flagged as errors by the static analyzer. The Apple Developer forums are pretty quiet about the poor code completion. Perhaps you could start a discussion over there and it could have more impact (or maybe I will).

I ended up downgrading back to Xcode 3 for openFrameworks.

When I’m doing anything in objective-c or with the iOS frameworks, Xcode 4 is really snapping and the code completion super sharp… i think it’s just a C++ problem. Hopefully they’ll fix it someday!

Posting on the Apple developer forum’s not a bad idea, I’ll make some noise there !

I’ve heard this from a lot of people and I’m pretty happy I haven’t messed with Xcode 4. Just curious, are people running into the same problems in OF iOS projects?