XCode 4, Cinder vs openframeworks


I’m currently looking for a library for creative coding and it seems to me that I have to decide between Cinder and openframeworks. Professionally I’m more from the “coding” side of creative coding; therefore I really like Cinder’s somewhat more professional approach and structure.

However, I’m on a Mac privately, and I’m experiencing painful slowness in code completion with Xcode 4 in Cinder - but not in openframeworks. Of course, code completion is incredibly helpful when learning an API, especially when its just for fun, so this is really an issue for me. With Cinder, getting the code completion list can take seconds while its instant with openframeworks.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?
And why the vast difference between the two frameworks?

Thanks for your help & thoughts,


One of our recent fixes to removes glm swizzle and optimizes header includes (uses forwards where possible, etc). This made a huge difference in auto-completion times in both Xcode and QTCreator. I’m not sure if cinder compiles GLM with swizzles, but it could be part of the difference.

Not exactly sure what you mean by a “more professional approach and structure”. Both are excellent, mature high-performance frameworks conceived with slightly different end users / goals in mind.