Xcode 4.0 and ofxKinect (library search path)

Hi everyone,
i’m currently using the ofxKinect addon library but i cannot add the given libs to an existing project. I mean that if i just copy the example project and work on it it’s ok but i want to add the libs to one of my project it doesn’t compile.

They actually give instruction to do it but for earlier version of xcod.
I tried to guess how to do it in Xcode 4 but unsuccessfully.

Here are their instructions in their readme file:

Adding ofxKinect to an Existing Project

If you want to add ofxKinect to another project, you need to make sure you include the src and libs folders:


For XCode:
* create a new group “ofxKinect”
* drag these directories from ofxKinect into this new group: ofxKinect/src & ofxKinect/libs
* add a search path to: ../../../addons/ofxKinect/libs/libusb/osx/libs under Targets->YourApp->Build->Library Search Paths (make sure All Configurations and All Settings are selected)

can anyone help me by giving me the steps to do it?

thank you very much for your help ->OF rocks!!


I’m not sure I understood your problem, but maybe this will help

Thank you very much for your answer. In fact i didn’t realize that ofxKinect was dependent of two other of addons, ofxThread and ofxVectorMath.

It works great now.