XCODE 2.3 in osx ppc 10.4 problem

hi, im having this problem when i try to build one of the examples of OF in XCODE 2.3 in osx ppc 10.4, i let you that image, but i really dont know what to do, i have a powerbook with osx 10.5 OF and xcode 3, it opens great , i dont know if there is a bug with xcode 2.3 or something, does any one know something about it? thanks a lot, chers!!

Try commenting out the line


thanks man!! it seems that its a bug with xcode version, im gonna up date till xcode 2.5 that runs in osx 10.4, in support mac they mention that there is a problem with xcode version, in some forums they say that it will be a problem of opengl and other frameworks, but i dont know how can i touch that part of my mac, im gonna try with the new version of xcode and i tell you later what happen!!! thanks again!!!