XCode 12 (Catalina) :: Safe to update?

I see the update available on the App Store, so just checking in if it’s safe to update? Not doing anytime soon but would be good to know! I did update to iOS 14 so if I feel like doing oF on iOS, I guess I’d need the Xcode update for the new SDKs, is that working, too, does anyone know?

Hi @ayruos!
How have you been. Hope that fine.

I would recommend you to try any new OS in a secondary drive. That way you can go back in case you need it. I am on mojave and it will be a while until I move to Catalina,

I don’t know. I’m on xCode 11.6 on Catalina and things have been working well.

Hey @roymacdonald, doing alright, trying to make sense of this pandemic laden world wrt life and work! Hope you’re well as well!

@Drazinut yup, I’m on Catalina with Xcode 11.3, things have been working well and will not be updating till I know 12 works fine as well (or I need to do any iOS stuff and then figure it out). No second machine at the moment to run tests though, at least till I go home across the country where my older MBP is @roymacdonald.

Hey @ayruos,
glad to know your doing well. I guess we are all trying to make sense of all that’s going on.
I am doing well fortunately.

I meant that you should try on a secondary drive rather than a secondary machine.
You can partition your disk and install the newer OS in this other partition, where you only need to reboot to change from one OS to the other. I do this for windows as well, using bootcamp on my macbookpro.