Xcode 10 / mojave issues

to fix the “xcode rebuilds all of OF every time” w/ Xcode 10 you can use the legacy build system

File, then Project Settings or Workspace Settings. Choose legacy build system:



When you say Camera, do you mean ofCamera or ofVideoGrabber?

i mean video, that’s all related to permissions to access devices that the latest macos has introduced

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did u solved the camera and sound issue?

UPDATE: I fixed this problem asking permission on the plist just like ios apps
just add these lines to the plist default template

<string>This app needs to access the camera</string>
<string>This app needs to access the microphone</string>

The semicolon confused me a bit but once removing this it worked! Thanks!

I posted a message about some issues I encountered with Xcode 10 and Mohave. I now see this topic. Some of the questions I had are already mentioned in this post (sorry for that), some seem new.

That fixes the camera problem indeed. Thank you!

Something happened with Mojave and QtCreator as well. After fresh installs of oF0.10.0, QtCreator, and the Xcode command-line tools, a new project will no longer build or run. In Projects > Build and Run > Run Settings, the Run fields are empty. I wish I had read this post before upgrading. Dang. Its all likely related but if this issue belongs in a new thread then feel free to move it.

Edit: The polygonExample will import and build and run, but it doesn’t run like it should (no graphics in the window); the same is true with the 3DPrimitivesExample.

Edit: a copy of emptyExample will build and run, and will cout something to the terminal, but won’t draw an ofDrawCircle() or ofBackground()

Edit: updating Qt to 4.7.2 did not resolve the issue

We’ve been working on some fixes for the Mojave / Xcode 10 issues.

It would be helpful if people running Mojave could test: https://openframeworks.cc/versions/mojave/of_v0.10.0-mojave_osx_release.zip

The rebuilding the entire library issue and permissions should be fixed now and it includes a newer GLFW version which should address the rendering issues people were running into.

We’re tracking the issue here: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/6149
but you can post to this page if you don’t have a GitHub account.



Okay here is another release which should also default to the legacy build system which fixes a lot of the strange quirks with Xcode 10.

The only issue which isn’t resolved is the vertical sync issue. Apparently this is actually a bug in 10.14 and is fixed in 10.14.2 beta.


Hey I just downloaded of_v0.10.1_osx_release from the oF website and compiled and ran the polygonExample with Qt 4.6.1. It ran great! With graphics and the typical window size and everything! So that’s awesome! Thanks so much to all who figured out how to get oF working again with Mojave.

Using of_v20181222_osx_nightly, I am still having an issue with Mojave and ofVideoGrabber. When I launch in xcode, I get prompted for permission for mic and camera (every time) and then works just fine, but when I run the executable on the command like it crashes with a “Killed: 9”. Looking at the stack trace from Mac’s report, it looks like it’s coming when I setup the webcam.

Attached is my plist and OSX application crash report which has the whole trace (search ofVideoGrabber for the point where it crosses over into openframeworks code). My setup call is only player_.setup(1280, 720) and I highly suspect it is an openframeworks issue as it works in xcode and on Linux.

I’ve tried the executable built by Make and by xcode and the issue occurs with both.

do you mean openFrameworks-Info.plist inside the project’s folder?
I tried that on Mojave with OF 0.10.1 and it did not work.

when using crontab to open my OF app that uses a Logitech c920 usb camera and the ofxUVC camera controller the UVC connection does not get established. All works fine when manually opening it.
I guess it has todo with the sandboxing and hardening stuff?

this worked for me

	<string>Access Camera to change its UVC parameters</string>

as mentioned here:

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