xbox 360 drumkit interface in oF

  • use xbox drumkit in oF
    hooked up a xbox 360 drumkit to an interface in openFrameworks.
    after installing some drivers to make the xbox 360 controller work with mac osx, the drumkit is simulating a keyboard interface with the key’s you assign in the driver preference panel.
    the oF program uses the keyPressed() function to trigger some sounds.
    one of my first projects to get started with oF, feel free to improve the code.
    happy drumming!

  • oF version

  • 0061, xcode
  • addons
  • source & how to
  • video
  • picture

++ additional info also found in source package: how_to.txt

  • tutorial how to set up rockband drumkit with garageband (similar for oF)
  • install mac osx driver xbox 360
  • install mac osx softare game controllers support
  • terminal fix: if installation driver doesn’t work