x11 x-forwarding no monitor help

I’m working on an installation that will have a linux machine running an oF app with GLUT window. The computer is going to be locked away in a relatively inaccessible place and I’d like to access the gui of the application on my laptop using SSH and x-forwarding.

I’m using laserpilot’s advice from this thread to use a glut window for running without monitor. When i try to run the application through ssh -X, the window opens on my laptop, nothing renders, and then it crashes with a segmentation fault error. I get the same error when trying to run with GLFW.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I’m not married to x11 forwarding. RDP also seems like an option but might be a pain in the butt to configure.


x11 forwarding, runs the application on your computer, sending the whole opengl rendering to a remote session usually won’t work, there’s some utilities like virtualGL but i think the easiest would be to setup vnc or similar