(x)trees project needs a coder to debug the code for event

Looking for experienced OF coder to analyze and fix a crash problem in the source code for the (x)trees.
Tight Deadline. Need ASAP.

(x)trees: Dynamically generating forest of trees created by SMS and Tweets from the audience

(x)trees is projected in real time on to buildings and large spaces, exploring our relationship to communication technology and to create a participatory experience to raise awareness and unite around a common topic. i.e. protecting our natural resources, climate change, immigration etc.

By integrating data mining from social networks, people participate in the creation of the branches to form a virtual interactive forest of dynamically generating trees. The audience sends a tweet or text message and sees their message appear on the wall with a branch. The key word is chosen in relation to the theme.

More about the (x)trees project here:

Hi Agnes!

Long time! I can give you a hand. What’s your deadline?


OMG so great to hear from you! How are you guys doing?

PASEO got cancelled this year and is being replaced by a drive through projection event in the Taos Plaza with past Paseo artists sharing video clips of past works. I was just invited last week so it’s a spontaneous last minute thing. I stepped away from Paseo this year to work on other projects so just coming in as an artist. I would like to do a video capture of the xtrees but it is soooo old and often has bugs when I fire it up. I just need it to run long enough to capture a video loop.

The deadline to have the code ready is September 15.

Are you available to take a look?
This was the original code created for ISEA in 2012.
It has been worked on by other coders since then and when I get to the studio in 30 minutes I will also send the latest code.
If you can try running this original source code it would be interesting to see if it crashes as well.

Let me know if you are free between 11-12MT to talk.

Thank you for offering to help!!!
LINK to somewhat functioning code (still uploading)