I’ve put http://www.openframeworks.info/home online, a place to show off your projects and addons, workshops, programming tecniques etc… I just started the site so it needs to be filled with content. If you know some things which we can add, please contact me or reply on this post.

The section “programming techniques” on that site could be a kind of vague though it’s meant for tutorials/how-to’s on some techniques which are used in oF or other general visualisation projects.

Hope you like it!


looks great :slight_smile:

Its nice, but I’d say to hold on before doing this because all of this functionality is in the new openframeworks site + quite a lot more.

People can manage their own projects gallery too.

It’ll be launching quite soon.

hi chris,

That’s funny; I’ve been trying to check if there was a new website coming soon.
But well, I don’t want to compete with oF.com; see it as someting extra.

I created it because I needed to show projects to people who are interested… and I wanted a place which has up2date information about addons.

So again, I don’t want to take over of.com but you made me curious… when will the new site be online?


I agree with I think it would be best to keep this all under one roof.

Hi chrisoshea and vanderlin,

I agree that there should be one official of site… I’m sorry if I offended any of you by creating this website. Therefore I added a big “UNOFFICIAL” below the logo on openframeworks.info. If I can do anything else to make clear that I don’t want to be “against” oF, please tell me