Wrong choice with QT creator


I am a hobbyist maker that tinkers with arduinos and whatnot and have a little bit of background in coding, but not much at all. To complement some of my projects I have successfully built an app that communicates with some of my hardware projects.

However, the main reason I chose to ‘learn’ openframeworks in the first place was so I would have some cross-platform compatibility. As this is not my ‘main job’ and time is limited I cannot support 2 different code-projects, but some of my customers run Windows whilst others run osx.

On osx I have no issues with the 4.6.1 version of qtcreator so far, but on Windows I am struggling to get certain things done. Mostly because QT 5.9 already had end of life in May 2020, and the documentation is definitely not 4.6.1 compatible.

It also seems that the QT creator support is still experimental on OF, for a version (4.6.1) that is no longer supported by QT themselves. So now. only after having sunk hours and days into my projects have I realized that most people here are using xcode (osx) or visual studio (Windows), did I make the wrong choice to start using QT creator in the first place?

TL;DR: I don’t think you made the wrong choice per se. just try out different versions of qtCreator - it might just work. And if you don’t like it, why not revert your choice and use different editors on a different OS?

I use qtCreator with oF for years now on Linux, windows and osx. In my experience, just try out newer versions of qtCreator and see what happens. Currently 4.12.0 works for me with a minor hick-up. [edit: just tried 4.14.0, also works with same hick-up]

When the build-directory does not exist yet, I get: Starting executable failed: : No such file or directory.

If that happens, just run it again, and it’ll work. This only happens the first time running. Chances are it just works with another qtCreator version. It never bothered me too much, so I didn’t even try a newer version once it came out. [edit: well, now I did: same thing]

Having said that, I sometimes also work with qtCreator/Xcode/Visual Studio projects side-by-side. Apart from the initial setup there is seldom extra work related to the project files (experience of others might heavily vary). Most of the time the projectGenerator does all the work for you setting up the project files. Writing platform agnostic code though, you need to be careful and constantly check on all platforms if something broke or got weird. Especially if you do something out of the ordinary and you’re a novice to c++. Then it may be slightly painful no matter which editor combination you use.