Wrapping text around a rotating cube

I want to keep the text bound to a rotating cube except the text should always be visible to the user, so it should always be in the front and it’s sort of sliding/wrapping around the cube as the cube rotates underneath it if that makes sense. I’m just wondering if there’s any native functionality that allows this.

so I didn’t find this anywhere so decided to try it myself. One thing I need to be able to do is bend the text or image or whatever medium at a certain point. Is there a way to define a point on a font/ofRectangle/etc and revolve the 2 now distinct pieces around this point, so it sort of serves as an axis of rotation.

Idea is as the cube is rotating, we will bend the text around that edge but keeping 90 deg, so the edge is moving and so is the overlayed text. additionally, since we always want the text on the front and visible, this ‘crease’ is constantly moving as well, starts at half the length of the text but gradually shifting to one end before to another.