Wrapping an OF App with an installer ?

Hi Everyone,

I had a problem but I wasn’t really sure how to phrase it or approach it so I was hoping I could get some advice here. I’m creating an application that’s a presentation tool for a large enterprise. It could conceivably go out to hundreds of sales people. I was wondering if anyone had any luck using an installer to wrap up everything all nice or a way to push out updates remotely without having to create new builds.

Thanks !

i haven’t done this myself, but i once wrote an app that someone else packaged into an installer for me. i think this might have been the tool they use: http://www.innosetup.com/isinfo.php (windows)

what platform are you working on? maybe more people will have suggestions if the platform is known :slight_smile:

Oh ! It would be for windows 7 exclusively so yes that would limit my options wouldn’t it :slight_smile: The innosetup looks like it would be a good option, thanks Kyle !