Wrap Text Around Image/Rect/Area

Hi all,

this is a “please point me to” question. I have been looking for text addons and I am happily using ofxFontStash for some projects. Now I need a little bit more flexibilty. Request is to define an area and let text flow around it automatically. If necessary, I’ll do it myself by defining multiple columns, count the words, spilt the text…

BUT: if there is something like this already out there in a typography-addon, would you please point me to it?

(I am aware that I could also use an embedded browser and use HTML-rendering, which is a tempting workaround for Typography/Layout-problems. But it seems a bit over-the-top. Also I need a very stable product and don’t trust in this technology too much. If you can add some experience (pros or cons) please do so also).

Thanks a lot and have a great day!