workspace integrity

Hello, what does it means when in openframeowkrs this message:

workspace integrity , coundnt load ppenfrmeworkslib.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace

whats workspace integrity?


Sounds like you already have the openframeworks project open

Can you please elaborate. xcode version/any other projects open etc


I am having the same problem.
I keep getting the error:

“Workspace integrity , coundnt load openfrmeworkslib.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace”

I am using XCode 4 and OF 7.

I have tried different projects, with some I get error with some not.
I am opening just one project at a time, no terminal.

This is a weird error that I’ve run into as well with the new XCode and it has something to do with XCode not completely releasing its file access on the project, the only solution I’ve found is to close XCode and sometimes to look for any processes relating to XCode and kill those from the Activity Monitor. Hopefully this will get addressed in an update to XCode 4 because it’s really annoying.

Yeah, seems to happen when you have two projects trying to index the shared lib project at the same time. Seems to be OK if you close all your projects window by window and then open one project. If you just quit Xcode with multiple projects open then click on a project file, Xcode opens up all the projects you had open before and causes the same error again.

Same as Neil here.
After opening 1 project, compiling it and opening a 2nd project -> Workspace integrity issue.

I just close both projects and open only the 2nd one to solve the issue.

Lion / XCode 4 / oF (GitHub Master branch)

Discovered you can stop OSX opening previously open projects when you start XCode by deselecting System Preferences -> General -> Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps

I’ve noticed I get a similar error (“could not open openframeworksLib.xcodeproj”) if I open a project (typically one of the example projects) and accidentally hit ‘run’ on the openframeworks build scheme, rather than the build scheme for that example project. It doesn’t happen often, but it does confuse me when it happens.

The default EmptyExample contains a reference to the OpenFrameworks project, which contains all the source files for OF. This gives you the ability to edit the source of OpenFrameworks itself. The “OpenFrameworks” Build Scheme is used to rebuild this code. It also means that if you have two projects open that were created from EmptyExample, you have the same “OpenFrameworksLib.xcodeproj” open twice, which is what’s generating the error.

Assuming you don’t have an immediate need to change the OpenFrameworks source on the fly, you can do the following in your projects:

  1. Expand the OpenFrameworks and “OpenFrameworksLib.xcodeproj” project folders
  2. Drag “OpenFrameworksDebug.a” out to the OpenFrameworks folder.
  3. Remove (Don’t trash!) “OpenFrameworksLib.xcodeproj” project folder

You now have a reference to OF, but you’re not opening up multiple copies of the same .xcodeproj, avoiding the error.

If you end up needing to make changes to OF source, add OpenFrameworksLib.xcodeproj
(from “$(OF_PATH)/libs/OpenFrameworksCompiled/Project/”) back into your project and you’re good to go.

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thanks , this stills working now on high sierra and xcode 10.
nice trick to open multiple projects

oh nice - this is getting even more annoying. would be awesome to have as an option for the projectGenerator

yes, it’s very annoying. I installed both Xcode 10 and 9 with their respective command tools to make it easier too… Trying too to be comfortable with the AppCode IDE