Workshop Series / Tutorials / Videos of using the kinect with Open Frameworks

Hi Everyone !

I recently taught a workshop series at GAFFTA ( Gray Area Foundation for The Arts ) . It’s sort of like what EyeBeam is in NYC but in San Francisco. Anywho I created lots of presentations, github tutorials, and I even recorded the first three classes for public use. You can view all the collected materials @
And on github : +

I hope these are useful to someone ! I had a totally rad time coming up with all the materials and teaching the workshop.



thank you very much for posting these. i was looking for a nice introduction to kinect with openframeworks.


Hi Ben.

Frist of all. Thank you so much for sharing the code. it is very useful
I’m following your tutorials online and experimenting your github code, though, I run into a lot of debugs and I cannot compile the code.

For this reason I think the best way to understand it better is to contact you directly. Do you mind send me your email? I would appreciate it


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You can post them here too. I’ll be doing a redux of the class so I’ll need to cleanup everything and port it over to 0.8 anyways.

Nice job you’ve done! :grinning:
I’m so happy to find a specific tutorial about it.I have watched for many times your videos.
Unfortunately when I run in my Mac 10.10 Yosemite I have had a lot of debugs.
I’ve used 0071 version that you wrote and I just don’t now why doesn’t work.
I’m trying to do a interativo projection floor…Do you have any suggestion how to build it using kinect?

sure ! I’d just run it through the project generator and do a clean project. You’d want to point a kinect top-down then use openCV blobs detect people.