Workshop resource WWDC Detroit

I was able to attend an OF workshop in Detroit during the WWDC earlier this year – it was great to chat with some of you in person. I’m posting because I seem to remember that there was a good beginner setup & first OF projects resource you were referencing during the workshop, and I was wondering if that was part of the documentation/resources here on or wiki, or if it was someone’s class site or tutorials?

In any case, if it’s available to share, It seemed like a well-structured approach and I’d love to pass it along to my students as they get started with OF.


Awesome - Detroit was a blast!

Here is some of the stuff Jeff was going through

and this is the current setup guide

A lot of that stuff was revised that week so post back if you find any issues

@Nevercool I know you fellow Detroiter !! It’s crazy Julie ex-pat living in Lyon, France ! :wink: How the heck are ya ?!
So you’re playin’ around with OF too, and now teaching it to your students, eh ?! How cooL, opps! nevercooL :wink:
I finally dug myself out of hermitsApathyville and I’m updating my skills and learning new ones despite being an old fart :wink: Well, that and because I’m participating in a museum exhibit this year with 3 projects and one of them is with OF.

@jvcleave - Thanx for this link, just noticed it today ! :slight_smile:

@Nevercool - I’m not sure if this wiki page is included in this new “tutorial” link, but it’s very important, about how OF stores an image, image processing (with a pretty diagram bottom of page):

Gotta run, best to you both! :slight_smile:

Very kind of you, thanks! Glad you enjoyed our fair city!

Wow Jules, hey!! I just found an old “dirty hands” VHS the other day in an organizational effort. Yeah I’ve dabbled in OF for a year or so and never had the time to really get crazy, but built a few things and enough to at least pass on the basics to the young designers :slight_smile: So good to hear from ya. I’d be happy to housesit for you anytime.

Oh, gosh, “dirty hands”! You know, I have tons of videos from the past that need to be digitized (and my super 8mm & 16mm films too), most back in MI chez maman ! Then I’m behind on all my VJ mixes since 2008…maybe OF can “star-trek-beam-up-digitize” for me! :wink:

I would love to see some of your creations with OF if you have any online. Sounds like you have more experience with it than me. I’m not sure this first project is gonna be that interesting, but it’s a start. After this exhibit I will have more time to focus on OF. Just bought Joshua’s programming interactivity book and noticed that he has a book coming out soon on Cinder - have you tried Cinder?

If you can babysit 3 spoiled cats, you’re more than welcome anytime ! :wink: