Workshop + Exhibition in Bengaluru, India

Hi all,

I held an openFrameworks workshop at Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in Bengaluru, India 2 weeks ago during the student’s interim semester. Feel free to visit the course website:

We worked on getting students thinking about what was possible with openFrameworks in the context of audiovisual signal processing. Some things we looked at were audio onset detection, audio synthesis, motion tracking, blob tracking, and projection mapping. The students worked together with myself and artist/teacher Prayas Abhinav over the course of 3 weeks in order to create an exhibition in central Bengaluru in the Bengaluru Artist Residency 1 (BAR1). The flyer is attached. If you are in the area, please come visit what will be an exciting an intimate exhibition of interactive, immersive, and audiovisual installation art around the topics of urban design, corruption, and hypertext.



i’m excited to see that this stuff is happening all around the world. keep it up parag!

Any similar workshops that are possibly going to be organised in Bengaluru/ India?