Workshop code examples // webcam and Kinect stuff

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to share the code for some of the OF workshops we did @nocomputer (
You can find it here:

It starts with very basic stuff and builds up to some more ‘complicated’ things with Kinect.
We haven’t tested them all (yet) but most of the examples should work with OF 0.9.0.

We would like to thank everybody at this great community for sharing all their stuff and the help we get here.
With everything we do, it feels like we are standing on the shoulders of giants.
Yes, it feels like love :slight_smile:

If you ever use some of it, drop us a line.



Thank you for sharing awesome examples!!!

What kind kinect mode will work with your code? 1414, 1473, 1517?
Can I use used kinect? I am not sure it pluged into xbox360

Hey Moru,

The examples should work with the old Kinect (xbox360). I have no idea which versions exactly.
Check this rep to get the Kinect working .