Working with ofxVideoRecorder addon

Hey, I am trying to use this addon in my project. I have downloaded the files and placed them into the addon folder. I have also added the addon to my addons.make file. But I still keep getting an error ‘ofxVideoRecorder’ does not name a type. Can someone help me with what I am missing?

Have you included it in your header file? If so, I suggest using the project generator and seeing if that will work.

Yes I have tried with the project generator and double checked the addons.make file

When I say the header file, I meant to go into your actual “.h” file (ofApp.h), and see if you included this line ’ #include ofxVideoRecorder.h ', at the top of the file. My apologies if you have already done that, as well, just wanted to clarify. I can also try generating a project with this addon and testing to see if it works, as I actually have to implement this into one of my projects, here pretty soon.