Working with ofxKinect

Greetings, i am trying to compile this kinect music viz program ( in codeblocks 10.5 OF 007 and i keep running into errors, intially i ran into an erorr stating:

src/testApp.cpp|15|error: ‘class ofxKinect’ has no member named ‘setVerbose’

so i tried with the openNI version of ofxKinect and with that i get the following error:

is there a version of ofxKinect that has both of these in it, or am i missing something else,
any help is super appretiated, i am really interested in working with this stuff but am only just begining

so, i got past that problem by making sure i had the of 007 version of ofxKinect, turns out i did not, and a git checkout 007 fixed that, but now i am getting an error saying:
src/testApp.cpp|140|error: ‘objects’ was not declared in this scope

im going to continue to try to track this down but if you have any ideas, your help would be super appretiated,