Working with Objective-C

Hello forum,
I am trying to work openframeworks into my objective-c project. But am having trouble with getting xcode to recognize the openframeworks libraries.
Here is what I am doing:
I open one of the example projects, highlight the “libs” and “openFrameworks” folders in the example project window and then drag these onto the Groups&Files of my objective-c project.
When I go to compile, I get 1000+ errors, some of which are of the “no such file or directory” type… this seems to say that the frameworks are not seen by the project. Yet I am able to view the source files by clicking on a file such as openFrameworks>“ofMain.h” in the Groups&Files of my objective-c project.

Can anyone explain how to properly make a project aware of the necessary libraries/frameworks?


Is it really the case that you have to store all your projects within the openFrameworks folder? When I work with opengl, I just import those frameworks into my project. But I can’t figure out how to do that with openframeworks.
Surely this must be a common question, but I can’t seem to find any conclusive answer anywhere.
Thanks again.

if you know what you are doing you can place your project anywhere you like, but then you do have to manually setup your project file with all the correct paths to dependencies. By default if you place your project in the recommended folder depth (/openframeworks/apps/somefolder/yourproject) then the dependency paths are set correctly. If you feel comfortable doing it, you can open up an existing (and working) example openframeworks project file, look at all of the library and header search paths, and setup your own project file accordingly. Otherwise it might be easier to just have the project folder in the recommended place.