working with events

hello list,

I posted this on beginners but don’t seem to get an answer… so sorry for re-posting it here!

I’m trying to figure out how events work, but cannot find any reference to it…

I created a Circle Class that I instatiated in testApp, but now I want to use mouse events in them.
I tried addListener but didn’t manage to figure out how it works…

In testApp methods (draw…update…mousePressed…etc) I added circ[i]->draw() … etc. to make it work

How can I make my Circle class listen to events?


you need to call the mousePressed function in your circle class from testApp the same as you are calling update and draw:

void testApp::mousePressed(int x, int y, int button){  
    for(int i=0; i<circ.size(); i++){  

do the same for mouseMoved, mouseDragged… in case you want to get that too.

hello Arturo, thanks for the reply,

Jung also suggested the same…

sorry for cross-posting… I have the same issue in the beginners forum:

But isn’t there anyway to listen to those events without calling the methods from testApp?

something that from the constructor of Circle class I could call:
addEventListener(ofEvents.draw, funcToCall) ?