Working with a Matrix of Vectors

I am trying to fill a matrix of Vectors. The Vectors are 100 wide and are based on Kinect Data. I want to create a matrix of 10 of these vectors, that has 1 column and 10 rows. I can’t get the syntax correct to push_back the vectors into matrix.

Here is what it looks like currently, but would like to be able to draw ten of these vectors and affect them.

How is “mat” defined? You cannot push() to a matrix (vector of vectors), something like mat[x].push() should work

It is defined like this: vector<vector> mat;

I then tried the syntax you suggested but got the same error of “No matching member function for call to ‘push_back’” I am wondering if I am having some problem within the conditions of my for loops, or if the syntax still isn’t working correctly.

Thanks so much for the help

vector<vector> mat should not work. Try vector<vector<ofVec2>> mat.

Anyway, what you call a “matrix” it ends up being a vector of vectors. I do not know what you want to do with your app but you may consider writing your own datatype using struct MyRow and then creating a vector containing your rows vector<myRow> mat

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Okay thanks so much I got that to work!