working fork of git iphone version with retina support

First off, thanks for all the great work on 007, seems like it will be awesome.

I forked the github master today and fixed the iphone bits along with hacking together retina support. Have only tested using XCode 3 on iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 (not simulator) so far. See below for changes…

Get it here -

Fixed library project
Added AVFoundationVideoGrabber.h,, AVFoundationVideoPlayer.h and

Added missing includes to ofiPhoneVideoGrabber

HACK: added empty getPixelsRef() to AVFoundationVideoPlayer.h

Fixed emptyExample
Added touchCancelled
Removed cppunit.a from project
Added CoreMedia, CoreVideo, AVFoundation

Fixed advancedGraphicsExample
Added touchCancelled and frameworks

Hacked retina support

Second two changes detailed here ( to return correct screen size in and call enableRetinaSupport() automatically in

Second two changes detailed here ( to set viewport correctly.

Added ofiPhoneImage
If you call loadImage(“blah.png”) will load blah@2x.png in retina mode

Added iphoneRetinaTester to devApps

thanks a lot!
to make an app run on the Simulator I had to compile Poco and set the Mac OS X Deployment Target to Mac OS X 10.6 (tested with the iPhoneRetinaTester Project).

you can find my poco libs here: