Working 15m USB3 Cable suitable for KinectV2

Hi All,

At Hellicar&Lewis we’ve been looking for a USB3 / KinectV2 extension cable and we found that this one works great:

15m, around £215 in the UK from:

Hope it’s useful for others, we tested several different systems and this was the best price/performance.




Nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks Joel! That’s a pricey cable! :smile: If anybody’s looking for something not as long, we’ve had luck with this one. About $50/£32 for 15ft/5m.

Hi all,

I am in a bit of a tight spot. I am trying to extend the kinect v2 signal over 30m and am having some trouble. I’ve tried the 30m version of this one:

But even with a powered usb 3.0 hub on one end it still does not work. @JGL - do you know whether daisy chasing those 15m cables would work?

Any other advice people can offer will be greatly appreciated!


Hey CSW,

I’m not sure - best to call the manufacturer about chaining.

If money is no object:



Thanks for the reply, I’ll give them a call. I’ve looked at the icron one before but it says only 15m on the website. Currently looking at a £750 extron solution!