[WORKAROUND] ofxGui text input


I made a project using ofxGui.
I now need to allow the user to be prompted for a text.

Is there a way to add a text input with ofxGui ?
If not, what would be the solution ?

I know i could use another UI like ofxUI but if it is possible not to switch UI i would prefer the later.


Well, doesn’t seem to be any solutions involving ofxGui

i used ofSystemTextBoxDialog() instead

it would be great to improve and add some widgets into ofxGui, it actually lacks basic widgets like buttons, text boxes, number boxes and combo boxes.

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Hi there,

could you please tell me how you used ofSystemTextBoxDialog()?
I’m trying to create a textbox, I presume that’s what you had in mind too?


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I needed a textbox for the user to input a string. In my case an http address.
I finally used an ofSystemTextBoxDialog() triggered by a key.
I would have prefered a widget inside the GUI but this workaround was ok for this project.

Just used :

if (key == 'n'){
urlAddress = ofSystemTextBoxDialog("Input URL", urlAddress);