work probem about sound

I want to output six sound channels with six speakers
Each speaker handle one channel.
But the problem is how to handle this?
Do I need to buy any equirpments?
If yes, what I need to buy? What model?Can suggest one to me?

I am using VS C++ 2008. What library is the best to do this?

THX a lot

If I understand you right you want to output 6 sounds at the same time out of 6 different speakers, so I think you’ll need a device that has 6 outputs like the Edirol FA-66 to do that, or use multiple sound cards in your machine (I wouldn’t recommend the multiple sound cards, but some people swear by it)

@michael for other people who have similar issues, could you share what hardware you went with and how you configured it? I feel like this is something that’s coming up quite a bit as people do more advanced sound and audio work with OF. Thanks!