Words in shape / Word Clouds in custom shape


I’ve searched the Forum (& Google) in order to find an example of presenting a bunch of words in a custom shape,
the so named Word Clouds.

The best examples I’ve found are these:
another great example:

There are some libraries for processing - word cram and wordookie, but I find nothing for openframeworks/c++

Any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

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i remember this one http://levitated.net/daily/levEmotionFractal.html from levitated
it is a simple algorithm and it is quite easy to port i remember i’ve ported it to processing.org a long time ago…

Hm, I think I found “the source”:

And a very good implementation written in JavaScript:
which I hope is not that hard to port in c++.
But I still need an algorithm which can fill a shape (contour) relatively in realtime.

You’re looking for either “circle-packing” or “2D box packing” and luckily for you there are tons of resources and code examples to learn from, among them the openprocessing list: http://www.openprocessing.org/tools/search.php?q=packing

Thank you Joshua! Found very interesting implementations.